• Member – By invitation only, and the number of member is limited to 300.
  • Associate Member – By invitation or by application.
  • Youth Member – Under 21 years old, need to fill in an application form.
  • Corporate Member – By Invitation only.

Our membership application can be downloaded here.


  • We would join sponsor events with other organization for the sole purpose of promoting innovation.
  • We constantly seek sponsorships from individual and corporations without any commercial and/or political obligations for the sole purpose of promoting innovation. The sponsors are welcome to audit the financial record for the specific sponsored event.


  • Any innovation supporter can register to become a Volunteer or as Friend or both. There are no restrictions with regard to age, sex, nationality, education level, occupation, and political affiliation.
  • They are automatically added to our electronic list, receiving our updates, and announcements as soon as they are released; and they receive a 10% discount on the admission fees of all our public activities; and there are no financial obligations; nor are there any membership dues.
  • We reserve the right to terminate the status of the individual Volunteers/Friends for any activities regarded by us as hindering and/or damaging to our reputation, objectives, operation and effectiveness.